ICH E19 Guiding Principles Training Successfully Organised

On 24th October, ICH Guideline E19:Methods for Selective Collection of Safety Data in Specific Late Pre-market Clinical Trials or Post-market Clinical Trials, hosted by NMPA ICH Working Office, was successfully held. A total of more than 110 participants from domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and representatives of drug regulatory agencies attended the event […]

China GVP Audit Guidelines and Requirements

On April 15, China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) unveiled the Inspection Guideline for Pharmacovigilance, signaling a critical step in bolstering the oversight of pharmacovigilance activities. This comprehensive guideline underscores the pivotal role of provincial drug regulatory departments and places a significant onus on marketing authorization holders (MAH) to actively engage in and uphold pharmacovigilance […]

Implementation Path of the Pharmacovigilance System in China (3)

Implementation Path of the Pharmacovigilance System in China (3) 3 Effec’ve Implementa’on Of China’s Pharmacovigilance System Path Recommenda’ons 3.1 Promote Synergis1c Governance among Diversified Pharmacovigilance Subjects Risk society is characterised by uncertainty and hazards, and the concept of consultative governance and risk sharing is more important in risk society to achieve the goal of balancing […]

Implementation Path of the Pharmacovigilance System in China (2)

2. 2 Challenges in Implementing Pharmacovigilance Systems 2. 2. 1 Single Route of Access to Data Monitoring The single access to ADR monitoring data in China has long been criticised, and medical institutions are the main source of ADR reports in China, accounting for more than 80% of the total number of reports (Table 2). […]

Implementation Path of the Pharmacovigilance System in China (1)

Drug safety is the foundation for treating patients’ diseases and a crucial factor in ensuring that patients’ lives and health are not disrupted by other factors beyond the disease. Additionally, the development of social and economic levels and the improvement of people’s health concepts, coupled with the overlapping factors of risk society and market development, […]